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Work Tin Examples

The WORK TIN is a cradling system for leisure and heavy load working boats*. *Motor boats up to 400 Tons..

Work Tin Examples


  • 2 Tin models to cradle your heavy load units
  • Yacht draft to 1m60
  • Telescopic Arm extension 1m80
  • Brakes for road use option
  • Tractor power 50cv
  • Length 9m8
  • 2 wheels x 500mm


  • Proven durability: hot galvanised –100% French manufacturing
  • WL: 20T when used as single Tin and 50T when used as double tins
Work Tin Examples
Work Tin Examples


  • Moving Tins with a forklift truck or Parkwheel
  • Moving the accessories with the Workbox

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