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Boat Trailers

QUICKLEV 2.5 T & 5 T.

  • Really Versatile BoatTrailer for the smaller boat.
  • Automatic centring, remote control, one man operation
  • Economic average 1 minute to lift out.
  • Efficient only three moving parts
  • Low operating costs
  • Durable hot galvanised, use in sea, CE certified
  • Bow secures on lift out by forward rotating V
  • Hull protected by long full rubber covering.

PARKLEV 8T Boat Mover

  • Cruisers and Sailing yachts 5m to 11m/8ton
  • Yacht draft to 1m60
  • Telescopic Arm extension 1m80
  • Brakes for road use option
  • Tractor power 50cv
  • Length 9m8
  • 2 wheels x 500mm

PARKLEV 15T Boat mover

  • Cruisers and Sailing Yachts 5 to 14m/15T
  • Yacht draft to 2M 40
  • Telescopic shaft extension to 2m40
  • Hot dip Galvanised.
  • CE certification
  • Multi hulls 6 to 12m/15t
  • Approx 10 minute lift out
  • Adaptable for lifting Catamarans or Barges
  • 4 wheels x 500mm

PARKLEV 20T Boatyard Trailer

  • Takes Cruisers or Sailing Yachts 8 to 16m
  • Catamarans to 17m
  • Adaptable for barges or commercials.
  • Capacity to lift 20 T
  • Draft 2m 40
  • Telescopic shaft extension 2m 80
  • Tractor recommended 100cv
  • 8 wheels x 500mm

PARKLEV 25T Boat Yard Mover

  • Cruisers 9 to 17M/25Ton
  • Sailing Yachts 9 to 18m/25Ton
  • Multihulls 14to 20m/25Ton
  • Width between wheels 3m38
  • 4 wheels 650mm
All Models of Boat Moving Trailers
Hot Galvanised Chassis
Stainless steel seated wheel bearings
Stainless Steel axle Thick Solid Tyres
Lubrication points on all joints
Parking Blocks
Hydraulic pressure gauge on Shaft
CE Registered, Certified

SPECIAL DESIGN Boat Moving Trailer

Nautipark's design facility can build Trailers for all boats
Trimarans, catamarans, barges and even Ocean Racers with huge keels.

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