Marina Benefits

Marina Benefits

mean you or your staff have constant contact with your clients.


What can be better than a boat owner to feel pampered, especially in company of his guests?

To arrive for his day out with boat in water engine warmed up heating on Picnic aboard.

To return after a tiring day and just walk away with the staff cleaning out, removing left overs, washing down hull and storing his boat for another day.
Marina Benefits


  • Very Low marina Investment Costs see Prices and Consult Us.
  • Expand existing Marina. Berth new boats or take smaller boats (up to 5/7m) out of water and make way for better paying larger boats increasing income.
  • Create a New Marina without Breakwater and only few Pontoon costs.
  • Marina can hold berthing costs and have much greater profit.
  • Or in some cases charge more as boats maintained better.
  • Or if in competitive situation offer new clients lower berthing costs.
  • More fuel Sales
  • More Boat Sales
  • Introduce standby Cradles for repairs.
  • More engineering work
  • Consider 5 STAR Service flush engines after use, power wash hull winterise shrink wrap offer picnic hampers- cooled boxes wine- valet service.
  • No longer does a Marina require an expensive Breakwater.
  • Every site has to be appraised on its merits.
  • Approximately in water Pontoons are required for 10/15% of the number boats stored.
  • River side, Lakes or sheltered bays are the lowest cost developed.
  • Old Dockyards also excellent.
  • Even consider digging out a holding area leading to sea, lake or river.
  • Add an attractive Restaurant and you have a great investment prospect.
  • For inspriation look at some of the US/French Developments.


  • Safety out of water
  • No Antifouling boats clean and faster, saving fuel
  • No Anodes less corrosion
  • Maintenance decreased
  • No damages in Marina berth during storms
  • Boat retains better condition and value
  • Easy repairs in marina on Standby Repair Cradle


To Environment/ less risk contamination of oil or fuel and no anti foul Marine environment will flourish better without a boat...

Speed boat owners who trailer at weekends may see a to storing and reducing the cost of Petrol.
Marina Benefits
This dry Harbour is 1 Km from the slipway
Marina Benefits
This Dry Harbour quickly expanded and is now using the area on this side of the road
Marina Benefits
Dry harbour started off small and quickly Grew


The concept of Dry Storage is not limited to the use of motor boats. In France up to 25ton Sailing Yachts (depending on the size of Boat Moving Trailer) are stored in Dry harbours.

Owners of Yachts now have the benefits of Phoning to request their yacht is launched and taken back and safely stored in its Yacht cradle when finished, which is appealing to the owners as is the low cost maintenance.

Storage areas do not have to be next to the water, One Dry Harbour has to drive 1km to the slipway launches a Yacht picks up another takes it back to the Dry Harbour power washes the hull and puts it back on its Yacht cradle within 40 minutes and all done by one employee.